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And yarrow sang to me “you keep me young” as I gathered her from the wild hedgerows.

And I brought her home and dried her beautiful blooms and leaves.

And I infused those leaves and blooms mindfully into organic oil.

And I made a face serum which has the most magical properties of restoration.

And she offers her magic to us all, if we can only be quiet enough to listen and heed her wisdom.

Wild Yarrow skin reawakening facial serum is made with ethically and respectfully foraged wild yarrow. This offering is held within a 30ml amber glass dropper bottle.

To use;

Pour 2 or 3 drops onto fingertips and gently apply to face, massaging upwards and outwards, run the fingers along the eyebrows from the third eye out to the temples and down the neck.

A note on yarrow, a sacred herb of our ancestors.

I have loved yarrow for as long as I can remember, but the depth of her medicine has only become clear to me after spending so much time in her presence. She has a deeply resonant strength which has revealed itself slowly and with a stable self-awareness.

She heals on every layer of being, old wounds and new, deep fissures and tiny scratches. Yarrow is kind and strong, tough and rugged, but has infinite space in her heart to hear your worries and heal your deepest woundings.

*All creations are made within sacred space and with deep reverence for and connection to the plant beings and their medicine.*


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