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The Wanderer

The Wanderer has walked long years searching for a feeling of home, wearily trudging but never settling. The Wanderer is in need of the support of the fertile and nourishing energy of the Earth and the earth element.

This balm will balance the fire in the body with rooted earth energy and herbs which support healing. It can be used to aid in meditation and connection to the Earth. We can meditate while walking in nature, making the actions and movements of our bodies part of our practice of awareness, reverence, and connection.

We feel the energy of the earth as we walk barefoot or just in silent connection, we feel the earth energy coursing through our feet and up into the body. This becomes an exchange, we are in communication with the Earth, she feels our energy as we feel hers.

This rooted earth grounding balm can be used for healing, earthing, connecting to Earth energy, rooting, restoring and nourishing.

Plantain heals wounds and sores of any kind, pulls the energy out and down to the feet, drawing out toxins and foreign bodies stuck within, promoting deep healing, it is said to protect against both snakes and thieves so essential for any wanderer.

Yarrow heals old wounds (of physical, emotional or spiritual origin), stokes the fires of warmth within the body, promotes psychic ability and bestows physical and spiritual strength and power.

Comfrey is a magical healer, restoring the blueprint of the body and effecting nourished and rooted healing. Her leaves and roots are carried for safety and good health while travelling or away from home.


Organic cold-pressed sunflower oil infused with plantain, comfrey, yarrow
Shea butter
Vitamin E oil
Essential oils of peppermint and rosemary

How to use:

For meditation, divination and journeying:
Apply a pea-sized amount over soles of feet, heartspace, and pulse points. Relax and allow the herbs to root and ground you down into the earth, connecting your core to the core of the nourishing and supportive Earth. See, feel, or sense these roots growing and growing, reaching deep down into the place of pure potential and perpetual growth.

As medicine:
Apply the balm liberally to the soles of the feet and massage, and/or over the heart area on the front and back of the body. Breathe deeply, allow the medicine to work on your physical and energetic bodies to effect rooting, grounding and surrender. Therapeutically this balm can treat Plantar fasciitis, painful tendons and joints in the feet and lower legs (and over the whole body) tired and aching feet, wounds that will not heal, improves all issues related to feet and a lack of grounding or fear of moving forward, and helps to settle and feel at home in the body. This is a wonderful medicine to use during colds and fevers as a natural support to the healing processes of the body. I put it on my children’s feet and it soothes and supports them during times of dis-ease.

A grounding meditation is available in the shop too. If you purchase this balm I will send you a free download of that meditation.

All of my creations are made within sacred space in deep reverence and connection. I give thanks to the herbs and communicate with them about what I am making and my intentions. I have built up a strong reciprocal relationship with my local flora over the years and find them supportive of my endeavours to share the mystery and magic of plant medicine with other seekers on the path.

*All of the items in our shop are handmade in small batches at home, herbs are respectfully wild foraged from remote places or grown at home in our cottage garden in rural Suffolk. If we need to source ingredients they are of the absolute best quality we can obtain and we go to great lengths to ensure our packaging is as natural and respectful of nature as possible. Everything we make is made at home with magical intention within sacred space, we ask the plants to help us from a place of equality and respect and in return we find that they give our offerings a deeper power and work on many different levels, physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional. We work with the spirits of the plants, and of place in a deeply respectful way that informs and helps to shape our creations. If you have any questions about any of our offerings please feel free to ask.*


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