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Meadowsong. Organic body oil infused with wild foraged yarrow, fireweed and chamomile. Filled with fragrant essential oils. Nourishing, healing, a bottle of summer sunshine for your skin to drink in the energy and magic of high summer meadows.

We walked the wild water meadows and dangled our feet into the sparkling singing river under the shade of the willow. We gazed into the cool clear waters and watched the cows doing the same just down river.

We listened to the sweet song of the meadow; the chorus of the crickets, the wind, the dragon flies, the river, the birds.

We breathed in the heady scent of foamy-flowered meadowsweet, nibbled sweet water mint and gathered gloriously abundant yarrow, rosebay willow herb and chamomile.

We basked in the hot summer sunshine, drinking it in, just as the meadow drank it in.

This is our Meadowsong. Our song of love for the meadow and all that is is, all that it has been, all that it will be, and all that it means. Being in the meadow changed us, it felt our love and it loved us back.

This offering is held within a 100ml amber glass bottle.

To use; after showering and while the skin is still damp, pour a few drops into palms of hands and massage into the skin. Deeply moisturising, nourishing and healing.

*all creations are made within sacred space and with deep reverence for and connection with the wild.*


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