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Handmade bespoke and seasonal, ethically harvested saining sticks wrapped with organic natural twine. Each one is unique and made to order, and will be around 10 inches long, entirely tailored to suit your needs. Ideal for weddings, celebrations, sacred ceremonies, space cleansing, sacred circles, workshops, intention setting, magic and ritual. Created with love in sacred space and infused with your intentions and wishes.

All herbs are either foraged from wild places with care and connection or grown with love in my cottage garden deep in rural Suffolk. At least two weeks notice is needed for bespoke orders to allow for gathering, making, and drying time.

Your stick will be packaged beautifully in a box with a handmade gift from my apothecary, instructions and a guide to the herbs used and their properties.

Saining, or the intentional act of purification with smoke, is an important folk practice which helps us to live in alignment with the proper order of things.

This ancient practice helps to remove negative influences from the object of purification.

To sain an object, being, or space is to awaken it to purpose, to bless and purify it and to make it sacred.


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