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Artemisia – Ritual Flying Oil

This is a potent ritual oil of double infused wild foraged mugwort and home grown lavender which will will open the doorways of perception and the dreamworld and guide you to a different, more expansive state of being.

It’s made with wild foraged mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and home grown lavender infused organic cold-pressed sunflower oil and a deep, warm blend of essential oils. I’ve added a raw shungite stone and a leaf of dried silvery mugwort to the vial for their added expansive properties.

Fragrant Artemisia vulgaris opens up the pathways of perception and intuition. Mugwort is a sacred herb of cleansing, healing and divination, and was often used magically for her gifts of sight and lucid dreaming. Mugwort is also a reliever of pain and a calmer of nerves.

Lavender is associated with love, protection, prosperity, dreaming, and deepened perception. She has a wide ranging history of magical, medicinal, and skincare usage and her aroma transfers so well to the infused oil, adding a heady and nostalgic scent to this creation.

Used in meditation or ritual as an anointing oil or rolled on to pulse points and third eye before sleep this potent oil has powerful properties which open the mind and expand the consciousness into the realms beyond the physical.

This is not a perfume oil but a ritual oil intended for use during meditation, divination, dreamwork, and to aid in lucid dreaming and astral travel. It smells dark, heady, earthy, and spicy.

Roll/rub onto pulse points, temples, and third eye, relax, breathe slowly and deeply and allow the herbs to open the doorways of perception.

This offering is held within a 30ml amber glass dropper bottle. 10ml size also available.

*All creations are made within sacred space and with deep reverence for and connection to the plant beings and their medicine.*

My creations are now being used in therapeutic sessions by practitioners to help their clients tap into the deeper wisdom held within their bodies through the magic of wild plant medicine and connecting with the plant spirits. The feedback I have received is that my creations have an even deeper power, potency and resonance in a therapeutic environment when further combined with intentional healing. If you are a practitioner and would like to commission a specific balm or oil for use within your practice, or would like to order a personal batch please get in touch and we can discuss possibilities. I am always governed by seasonality, availability and intention. My offerings are not available for large scale commercial selling or businesses which do not align truly with nature.


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