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The intention behind this balm is to bring movement and freedom to the joints, to heal and to nourish the skin and all underneath.

It’s a water-energy balm/cream and is deeply moisturising. It has an organic Shea butter base and is infused with comfrey, nettle, and burdock root.

It will calm and relieve inflammation, so is fantastic for arthritis and a lack of movement in joints. It can be used all over the body and would be a particularly moisturising and nourishing hand and foot cream.

Its scent is fresh, cucumber, bright, citrus, and verdant. It is buttery and soft and melts into the skin. If you feel heat in the joints which wants cooling then store it in the fridge and then apply cold, if your issue feels cold in nature then the balm can be gently warmed in the hands before applying. As you apply this to your inflamed or tight areas think of water, of free movement and flow. See the herbs working their magic on your body, ask that they help you, and offer thanks in return.

It is available in a large 60ml size and small 15ml tin. (This listing is for the small tin.) Because of the texture of Shea butter it does not look smooth but will melt into the skin softly and smoothly and be well absorbed without leaving a greasy residue.

*All creations are made within sacred space and with deep reverence for and connection to the wild.*


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