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Áine – “The Light Returns” – Ritual Fire Oil

Wild foraged St. John’s Wort infused into cold-pressed organic oils and combined with specially selected fire element essential oils to stoke the fires in your heart and belly.

To use;

Roll over pulse points and third eye to invoke the spirit of fire, summer, sovereignty, and sunshine.

This is not a fragrance oil (although it smells wonderful) but a ritual oil infused with the magical transformative bright sunshine of St. John’s Wort.

St. John’s wort holds the energy of midsummer, she has the power to relieve pain on all levels of being, restoring the sunshine to your existence.

Used in meditation, ritual or as an anointing oil, the wonderful fragrance of the essential oils combined with the transformative and potent magic of St. John’s Wort open us up to deeper levels of awareness and connection.


  • Cold-pressed organic sunflower oil infused with wild foraged St. John’s Wort
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Essential oils of black pepper, rose, neroli, rosemary, rose geranium, & patchouli

This offering is held within in a 10ml amber glass roller bottle.

*All creations are made within sacred space and with deep reverence and connection for the plant beings and their medicine.*


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